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Our Vision

INOS aspires to achieve scientific excellence by providing ocean solution through scientific research that combines new technology and innovative approach that will leads to new understanding of the complex and constantly changing marine ecosystems.

Who we are?

We are a national HICoE (Higher Institution Centre of Excellence) in marine science. We work on holistic and integrated approach in addressing marine and oceanographic issues at both local and regional level via various research teams.

“We strategically position ourself with various partners to envision our marine future, for the benefits of science and providing positive impact towards the society”

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform that the call for participants for the Latest Developments on Marine Sciences – II (INOS Special Lecture Series on Ocean Conservation) organized by the Inter-Islamic Network on Oceanography to take place online on 26 October 2021, 04.00 pm (UTC+8).


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Latest Video

UMT Postgraduate Open Day 2021

UMT Postgraduate Open Day 2021 Live Session - INOS
Prof. Dr. Mohd Fadzil bin Mohd Akhir
Dr. Mohd Uzair bin Rusli
Institut Oseanografi Dan Sekitaran
21030 Kuala Nerus, Terengganu, MALAYSIA

Other Video

Dr Andrew Mayes - Microplastics Research 2021

This film showcases Microplastics Research of Dr Andrew Mayes in 2021.
The journey starts in Andrew's lab at University of East Anglia, Norwich; moves on to partners at Quadram Research Park, Norwich; followed by visits to research partners CEFAS in Suffolk and Anglian Water in Norfolk. The film also features research partners in Southampton, Exeter and Plymouth, and finally visits international research partners in Malaysia.
The film was produced by UEA filmmakers Christine Cornea and Alex Smith, and was supported by UEA Impact Award funding and the Global Research Translation Award, funded by UKRI: https://bit.ly/GRTAMicroplastics
This Promotional Film is the shorter version. You can view a 10 minute version here: https://youtu.be/2MzhxJDsy_c




INOS is proud to welcome our former Vice Chancellor as our new Distinguished Research Fellow. Dato’ Nor Aieni brings wealth of experience from her previous years in ministry, administrating national oceanography directorate. Her experience leading UMT, a marine focused university for 6 years will certainly strengthen our institute. She will leads and ignite the Oceanography Research Cluster in UMT and at the same time organising effort in communicating National Ocean Policy framework with relevant stakeholders and making it a national reality. We will give our full support and wish her all the best.

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INOS Seminar Series | Museum Collections and Their Importance Towards Citizen Science

INOS Seminar Series | Museum Collections and Their Importance Towards Citizen Science Some of the speakers and participants in the online seminar. The recent online INOS Seminar Series (27th May 2021) focused on the natural history museum and how it inculcates the spirit of citizen science. In this seminar, three international speakers were invited to share their experience, knowledge and thought on the role of volunteers and their contribution to the advancement of natural history science via volunteerism. The speakers are Dr Robyn Cumming and Mr Tye Andrew Jeffrey from the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville, Australia and Dr Pedro

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Reef Conservation and Restoration Towards Sustainable Ecosystem

Reef Conservation and Restoration Towards Sustainable Ecosystem Coral reef plays multiple important roles throughout tropics. They provide key ecosystem goods and services such as fishes habitat, coastal protection and tourism aspects. The reefs benefit human in so many ways that support live hoods and in other major such as building materials and pharmaceuticals. However, coral reefs are declining as they are facing various natural and anthropogenic disturbances including global warming, storms, marine pollution, coral diseases and others. Continuation of coral reef loss leads unbalanced ecosystem and will affect not only components in reefs, but also human live hoods and economy.

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Mangrove Horseshoe Crabs Showed A New Location for Their Population Genetic Break in Peninsular Malaysia

Mangrove Horseshoe Crabs Showed A New Location for Their Population Genetic Break in Peninsular Malaysia The East-West differentiation for both marine and estuarine flora and fauna in Peninsular Malaysia is a well-known and immensely documented phenomenon explained from the Sunda shelf flooding during the Holocene. However, precise geographic location of the genetic break as well as potential contact zones of the migrating animals between South China Sea and Malacca Strait remains unexplored. During the global de-glaciation period, the flooding of the Sunda shelf facilitated mangrove species range shift towards the East and West coasts of Malay Peninsula. Currently, Peninsular Malaysia

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