WOW 2022 | World Oceans Week

6 – 16 Jun 2022

Program WOW2022@UMT diadakan sempena World Oceans Day (WOD) yang disambut pada 8hb Jun setiap tahun. WOW@UMT disambut melalui pelbagai aktiviti untuk menghayati peranan dan kepentingan laut dalam kehidupan merupakan satu medium untuk berkongsi usaha dan peranan yang dimainkan oleh UMT, sebagai sebuah universiti komprehensif yang berfokus dalam bidang sains kelautan dan sumber akuatik. Aktiviti-aktiviti yang dilaksanakan adalah manifestasi kepada usaha UMT dalam memartabatkan kepentingan lautan dalam kehidupan.


Pameran Kesedaran Lautan @ WOW 2022

Pertandingan Mewarna Kanak-kanak

Beach Soccer @ WOW 2022

Pertandingan Membina Istana Pasir

Beach Clean Up

Hari Kesedaran Keselamatan Maritim (HKKM)

Atur Cara Pelancaran Hari Kesedaran Keselamatan Maritim & WOW 2022

RRC Open Day @ WOW 2022

WOW 2022 : RRC@INOS Open Day

Discover A World Under The Sea : Stories From the South China Sea

WOW 2022 : RRC@INOS Open Day

Beach Clean Up & Treasure Hunt

RRC@INOS Open Day 2022
12 June 2022 | 2.30 – 4.30 pm | INOS Seminar Room
All are welcome!
SOA Talk by Expert
Webinar via Zoom
13 – 15 June 2022 | 9.00am MYT

In conjunction with World Ocean Week 2022, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) is collaborating with Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) and UNIQLO CO., LTD to enhance ocean literacy through various hybrid activities, which includes the South China Sea Repository and Reference Centre (RRC) open day at the Institute of Oceanography and Environment (INOS) and SOA series talks.

The SOA series talks invites notable speakers from various SOA hubs, UMT researchers, upcoming youth heroes and a UNIQLO representative, who will share ways of how their research or outreach programmes have directly or indirectly contributed towards sustainable ocean efforts and ways they have engaged with the community to make positive impacts towards the marine environment.

Do join us to be “aspired and inspired” by our speakers, and how you too can be involved to be an ocean advocate!

– E-CERTIFICATES will be provided towards the end of the event for participation!
– “E-latihan” for participation of UMT staff
– “Merit MyStar” for participation of UMT students