Hydrography & Physical Oceanography Laboratory (OFH)

The Hydrography & Physical Oceanography Laboratory (OFH) is an organized laboratory unit serving an integral part of the academic environment of Institute of Oceanography & Environment  (INOS) and the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), Malaysia by playing an important role in the technical service, marine data observation and advising graduate student in areas of marine sciences and instrumentation. The laboratory also hosts Practical Students who gain research experience during their appointments while also providing an influx of new ideas

Originally established as a research laboratory in 2011, OFH has maintained a strong multidisciplinary research program consisting entirely of sponsored projects, other stakeholder related to oceanography and marine matters, universities, non-profits, and state agencies.

As physical oceanographers, we conduct numerous data observation using our RV Discovery ship and buoy/mooring deployment for long term datasets. We also use physics, mathematics, computer models and statistics to better understand how the oceans work and make more accurate predictions of how they may change in the future.

Our Main Objectives:

To become main contributor of data sharing and information related to physical oceanography, hydrography and marine matters in Malaysia.

To implement a systematic data management and data transfer SOP for OFH.

Laboratory Equipment:

  1. Current Meter (Valeport 308)
  2. Multiparameter YSI
  3. ADP (Sontek)
  4. CTD (Seabird)
  5. Tide Guage
  6. Hydrolab
  7. Land Survey Equipment (Topcon)
  8. Flow Meter
  9. Sub Bottom Profiller
  10. Optical Back Scattering Sensor
  11. Side Scan Sonar (Geo Acoustic)
  12. Side Scan Sonar (Edgetech)
  13. AWAC (Nortek)
  14. ROV
  15. GPS (Garmin)
  16. CTD Rossete Water Sampler
  17. Temperature Sensor
  19. Multiparameter HT6

Shukri bin Arsad

Laboratory Manager

Senior Science Officer
Email: shukri81@umt.edu.my
Tel: +609-6683471
Fax: +6096692166

Roslan bin Latif

Senior Assistant Science Officer
Email: lanlatif@umt.edu.my
Tel: +609-6683530
Fax: +6096692166

Azri bin Muhamad

Senior Assistant Science Officer
Email: azrimuhamad@umt.edu.my
Tel: +609-6683113
Fax: +6096692166