WOW 2020: Engaging the public on ocean awareness

June is always a busy month for INOS. This programme is a time of the year almost every single person in INOS works hand in hand to engage the public on ocean awareness program. Last year almost 1000 of the local community join our program at Tok Jembal in a variety of events. We looked forward to this year event and wanted things to be more meaningful and engaging even more people into our program. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic and the MCO has challenged us to rethink our approach.

June 8th is World Ocean Day every year. World Oceans Week (WOW) has been celebrated as an annual event for UMT since 2013. Nevertheless this year we conduct the program 100% online. Various activities take place from June 8 to June 18. The activities of WOW 2020 we set to fit different age of our community members. WOW is known as a medium for INOS to connect with the community and share about oceans and its importance.

Our slogan this year is; “WE CARE FOR OUR OCEANS” “KITA JAGA LAUT KITA”

The highlight of WOW this year is the main event which was held on 14th June 2020 (Sunday) where we have organized three hours live Facebook programme consists of three unique segments live streaming to the public. This programme includes;


This segment is the cross over interview session to multiple INOS researchers’ location doing their scientific research works live telecast on board from UMT’s Research Vessel, the coastal area along UMT beach, hatchery and laboratories. We share information on laboratories and equipment we use in INOS, and why it is crucial for oceanography study.


Next is Forum on Oceans with our front liners and ocean icons. We engaged with the Ministry of Environment and Water and the ViceChancellor herself as a prominent champion of ocean issues in the country. Two of our alumni who are now working with NAVY under Paskal unit and MMEA also shared their experience being in the frontline of our oceans. Last but not least Terengganu Tourism Ambassador, Mat Dan shared a very wonderful insight on his experience being an ocean person when he decided to spend his life here in the coastal state of Terengganu.



This segment is the prize giving session for Drawing Competition and 1 Minute Video Competition. We celebrated the winner of the competition and the highlight of this event was the Winner for Video Competition that goes to a 12 years old girl, Rania Elyssa Zyree bt Muhammad Zaire from Bangi, Selangor. We talked to her and her parents to discover her passion for video editing and environmental awareness.

The whole program will not become a reality without the support from our Media Kreatif team that help us throughout the entire event. The setting up of green screen studio, Facebook live preparation, live telecast from the lab and RV Discovery, all of it require  significant  technical capabilities, and the team have shown their professionalism and passion. Thank you to all that make this event possible.

Let’s take care of our oceans.