UMT joins regional delegates of more than 15 countries in the 10th Intergovernmental Session of IOC Sub-commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC-X). which is held in the beautiful city of Phuket, Thailand from 11th-15th of May 2015.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Noraieni Mokhtar who is one of the member of IOC-WESTPAC advisory chair, led the Malaysians delegates which amongst them are from INOS, NOD and UM. UMT delegates are represented by Prof. Dr. Mohd Lokman Husain (Dean, PPSMS), PM Dr. Aidy @ Mohamed Shawal M Muslim (INOS) and Dr. Mohd Fadzil Mohd Akhir (INOS).

The Session bring together national governmental agencies and scientific communities, aiming to improve science-policy interface, advance international cooperation on marine science, observations and services, and to improve institutional capacities to address critical challenges to sustainable development in the Western Pacific and its adjacent regions

INOS has actively involves with IOC-WESTPAC in many marine related research projects and human capacity developments programs in recent years. This meeting will further strengthen INOS involvement in the future development of marine science and oceanography future in the region.