Plastics are so common in our daily life. It is common to be seen, common to be mentioned, and undoubtedly common to be used. It was as if a day without it could lead us to a messy life. It is everywhere! From the most basic things until the most advanced technologies use plastics. Granted, this happens due to the advantageous of the plastics itself. Easy on money, lightweight, durable enough to live longer. Nevertheless, there is an unrevealing dark side of plastics that only a few are brave enough to tell.


5 Not So Fun Facts about Plastics


v  It is able to live more than 600 years in the environment.

v  It could travel up to 17, 000 miles around the world’s ocean.

v  Enough plastics is littered every year is sufficient to circle the Earth four times.

v  BPA, (the type of plastic chemical) could be absorbed by human body.

v  Prediction is by 2050, the number of plastics will be higher than fish in the ocean.

Plenty of observation has been made by my friends and me who are concern about the plastic pollution that strikes our ocean as the greatest and hardest enemy to defeat. And I would like to conclude that for years, plastics have won again and over again due to our own ignorance. Our pristine islands were heavily polluted with so many plastics because apparently, it is so difficult for us to throw it in the dustbin or garbage collector. When there was a sign saying ‘Please Do Not Litter Here’ you can actually see that massive amount of trash especially plastics were purposely thrown there. I don’t know if we are being sarcastic by mocking the law or even the environment itself, but the irony is so heart-breaking.

Pollution is called pollution for a reason. This is not funny, it never is. But somehow it always being considered as one. I strongly feel that this is the time we change our view on this issue. Do more, contribute more no matter how small it is. I firmly believe that everyone has to do our part in making the world is a better place to live with a much healthier ocean. No excuses should be made because the smallest action is what really counts. Is bringing our own groceries bag is so hard? Is saying no to straw and unnecessary spoon and fork (spork) is really that impossible to do? Plastics are not that fancy anymore, people!

Me and Aimi during Awareness Program for Sea Turtles by SEATRU in Redang Island, Terengganu, Malaysia.


Healthy Ocean, Healthy Lives.

Nur Syafinaz Ameera Binti Zainal,
MSc Candidate (Physical Oceanography)