Remote Sensing and Marine Informatics (RSMI)

The Remote Sensing and Marine Informatics group at the Institute of Oceanography and Environment conducts research to explore, analysis and visualise satellite and UAV data in the marine and coastal environment. Utilising state of the art  algorithms and in situ measurements to develop new methodologies and products to visualise marine geospatial information. The group has vast expertise in several disciplines of remote sensing including coastal bathymetry, marine habitat mapping, oil spill detection, oceanic phenomena identification, seagrass mapping, and coastline detection

Research projects includes topic such as data management and the establishment of Malaysian Ocean Data Centre, sea-level rise modelling, Coral Habitat mapping and application in GIS in social-economic studies. The group specialises in the development and application of various image processing techniques such as Sub-pixel analysis, ensemble classifiers, object-based classification, classification tree analysis and how to implement them to improve accuracy. Currently, the group research is looking at multispectral sensors and UAV technology and how to adapt them to mapping coral habitat and the coastal zone.

The group has embarked on various research and consultancy project, Amongst the projects are Coastal erosion studies, Coral habitat mapping of various marine parks, 3D Mapping, Mangrove classification and bathymetric studies.

Members of the group are also well versed in ocean data management and members to central advisory body on technical aspects of operational marine and oceanography. The group has established internationally, especially in the International Oceanographic Commission under UNESCO. Since 2015 the group hosted the OceanTeacher Global Academy under “International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange” (IODE) of the “Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission” (IOC), UNESCO. Leveraging on our expertise, the group has held various international training courses amongst them Marine GIS and  Foundations of Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning. The IODE IOC has also recognised the Institute of Oceanography as an accredited Associate Data Unit one of only 10 centres to achieve the status

The group are members to various international steering groups amongst them:-

  • Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS),
  • IOC Quality Management framework and
  • OceanTeacher Global Academy
  • WESTPAC Ocean Remote Sensing


  1. Develop new methodologies in digital image processing and spatial data analysis primarily for the marine environment.
  2. Explore remote sensing data acquisition, image processing and quantitively analysis using various platforms such as UAV and satellites.
  3. GIS, spatial data analysis methods, 3D GIS and geographic big data.
  4. Integration of remote sensing, GIS and satellite navigation and positioning technologies.


Prof. Gs. Ts. Dr. Aidy @ Mohamed Shawal bin M Muslim

Assoc Prof. Dr. Amin Beiranvand Pour

Dr. Mohammad Shawkat Hossain 

Idham bin Khalil  (Faculty of Science and Marine Environment)

Muhammad Izuan bin Nadzri

Mohd Nasir bin Mohamad

Mohd Azam bin Mat Yaacob

Nurul Hidayah binti Mat Zaki

Che Mohd Kamarul Anuar bin Che Abdullah