Program Sekolah Biru Menganjurkan Peneraju Masa Depan Penjaga Laut

In the spirit of World Ocean Week 2023 (WOW2023), an enlightening educational initiative, the Blue School Program, was successfully conducted on June 8, 2023. This inspiring event brought together the students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu Rakit under the theme “Our Ocean, Our Future.”

Jointly organized by Petronas Kertih Port in collaboration with the Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU), the program aimed to cultivate awareness among school students about the paramount importance of safeguarding our oceans and their delicate ecosystems to preserve the environment.

Led by Associate Professor Dr Mohd Uzair Rusli, the Sea Turtle Research Unit played a pivotal role in orchestrating this impactful event. The collaboration between Petronas Kertih Port and UMT reflects their shared commitment to environmental education and conservation efforts.

Through engaging activities and interactive sessions, the Blue School Program provided students with a unique opportunity to explore and learn about marine life, conservation practices, and the interdependence between human actions and the health of our oceans. The program offered valuable insights and instilled a sense of responsibility among the young participants to become stewards of the sea.

The chosen theme, “Our Ocean, Our Future,” served as a reminder that the well-being of our oceans directly impacts the well-being of our planet and future generations. By nurturing this understanding at a young age, the Blue School Program aspired to spark a lifelong commitment to environmental conservation among the students.

As the students immersed themselves in the various educational sessions and hands-on activities, the importance of individual actions in shaping the fate of our oceans became clearer. Through this program, they were equipped with the knowledge and motivation to make informed choices that contribute positively to the health and sustainability of our marine ecosystems.

We thank Petronas Kertih Port, UMT’s Sea Turtle Research Unit, and all participants for their unwavering commitment to marine conservation and education. The Blue School Program serves as a reminder that together, we can inspire positive change and empower the leaders of tomorrow to become guardians of our oceans.