This course will focus on integrated coastal zone management, in the sense that it needs to take on board the ecological, environmental, social and economic aspects of managing a coastal area or zone. The course provides an overview and hands approach on GIS applications necessary towards integrated coastal zone management including the data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation of spatial data. Participants will develop and build their own case study and make a short presentation at the end of the training course.

Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the fundamental aspects of ICZM/ICAM
    • Awareness of coastal GIS tools and applications for use in the context of ICZM
    • Awareness of data available for ICZM
    • Awareness of the IOC approach to Marine Spatial Planning

Course Topics

    • Integrated coastal zone management and land-sea interaction: concepts and definitions
    • ICZM/ICAM: origin and evolution of the concept: global (ICAM – IOC)
    • ICZM/ICAM and LSI: processes and approaches
    • IOC approach to Marine Spatial Planning
    • Illustration of concepts and processes by means of practical example: local case study in Malaysia
    • GIS tools for ICZM