21-24 February 2017: OTGA Steering Group meets in Ostend, Belgium


The third meeting of the Steering Group for the OceanTeacher Global Academy took place in Ostend, between 21-23 February 2017.
During this meeting the Regional Training Centres activities were assessed. The OTGA network of RTCs now includes Colombia, Senegal, Mozambique, Kenya, India and Malaysia, as well as Belgium. Three other RTCs (China, USA and South Africa) kept the Candidate status.
A new Candidate RTC joined the network: INIOAS (Iran) will organise an OTGA training course in 2017. This will be very important for the network as it covers an underrepresented region.
The Group agreed on the OTGA’s course calendar for the rest of 2017, which will be published soon on the IODE calendar/website. Some 20 courses are planned until the end of the year around the globe in 4 different languages.
Two new Co-Chairs were elected: Aidy Muslim from Malaysia and Harrison Onganda from Kenya. The final version of the 3rd OTGA SG Meeting will be made available soon.
The meeting included a one day Moodle Refresher Workshop on how to better use the OceanTeacher e-Learning Platform.