I am Azyyati Abdul Aziz, I held the position as a research assistant at INOS,UMT for HICoE project under the supervision of  Assoc. Prof. Dr Suhaimi Suratman and also preparing to pursue my PhD with him in the field of chemical oceanography in March 2018.

Currently, I have been awarded a Fellowship for on-board training on the UK North Atlantic GEOTRACES programme for 3 months under the supervision of Dr. Malcolm Woodward and Dr. Alessandro Tagliabue. The Programme is jointly supported by The Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) in partnership with the Nippon Foundation, the University of Liverpool, University of Southampton and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML).

The fellowship consists of 1 month analytical training and cruise preparation at University of Liverpool and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), UK. It also includes 6 weeks participation aboard an oceanographic research cruise sailing from the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (20th December 2017) to Guadeloupe in France (1st February 2018). The aims to improve my understanding of biogeochemical observations concerned with dissolved oxygen and nutrients. In addition, I have learned how to sampling and handling of the water samples according to the international GO-SHIP (Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program) protocol. Following the cruise I will spend one additional month at PML to learn more about nutrients, control analysis, data analysis and interpretation.