HICoE: Research, Impact and Future

In November 2011, INOS was awarded the status of Potential Higher Institution Centre of Excellent (HICoE) by MoHE under the R&I Thrust, and subsequently became the 7th full-fledged HICoE programme in July 2012 under the “Sustainability of Marine Ecology” niche area. INOS was designated as the focal point and leader in marine science, focussing on the South China Sea area.

Although our core focus has always been in the broad area of oceanography, realignment took place under this HICoE programme with the aim to bolster three main research areas; marine processes and marine ecology that have always been our strength, and an emerging field of ocean governance that provides the science policy nexus to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The HICoE status has elevated our visibility and attracted research collaborations from across the country and around the world.

To read more about INOS’s making impact through HICoE program, download our report here: