INOS Laboratory Management Enhancement Workshop

By Ahmad Fakhrurrazi Mokhtar

.: 05 – 06 December 2023 | INOS Laboratory Management Enhancement Workshop :.

This workshop focuses on refining and enhancing regulations and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to improve efficiency and safety in laboratory operations. Assistant Science Officer and Science Officer, including Curator, are involved in reassessing existing regulations, aligning SOPs with current practices, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. Through this process, the workshop aims to develop more precise and relevant regulations and SOPs, leading to the improvement of the quality of research and laboratory management in the university environment.

The workshop also incorporates strategic elements such as income generation and knowledge transfer. Participants in the workshop have been exposed to efficient laboratory management methods to enhance productivity, leading to the potential for income generation through research and industry collaboration. Additionally, the workshop promotes knowledge transfer through innovative community initiatives, fostering an environment that stimulates knowledge sharing and the growth of the innovation ecosystem within the university.