INOS lead 1st IOC Westpac project

INOS today made an important mark in the regional oceanographic arena when IOC-WESTPAC 10th intergovernmental session today accepted new project proposal proposed by INOS researcher Dr. Mohd Fadzil Akhir on behalf of Malaysia delegation.

The new proposal entitled “Upwelling studies through ocean data integration towards sustaining ocean health and productivity “ was presented to all 21 countries delegations. It is also an important moment for Malaysia because it eventually became the first project under the IOC-WESTPAC that leads by Malaysia. Following the presentation, the proposal grew strong support from countries like Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Russia and Philippines.

UMT Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Nor Aieni binti Haji Mokhtar who is the advisory member of IOC-WESTPAC is also the key team member that contributes significant ideas in developing the projects proposal.

Among the objectives of the proposal are; i) To explore new upwelling site and increase understanding of the physical-biological interaction dynamics of upwelling region in the SCS and surrounding seas, and ii) To plan integrated data gathering which involve field data, satellite data and numerical model in understanding upwelling dynamics.

This project will hopefully increases INOS contributions to the scientific community, not only in the country but also expand its involvement regionally and internationally.