INOS Post-graduate Club, PGC, consists of 71 active postgraduates, which assists in empowering INOS through its massive manpower of the youthful energy and think-tank of the members. Aside of contributing to research efforts and publications, PGC joins programmes conjured by INOS or by the club itself.

Apt with PGC members’ foundation as post-grad students, academic activities are also organised. For instance, the statistical analysis workshops are regularly held by inviting experts to lead the students in research statistics. Thesis and article writing workshops, led by experts, were also regularly conjured by PGC to assert continuous learning environment among PGC members.

Improvement of student’s capabilities and experiences are constantly emphasised through two main events; the INOS Seminar Series and the Postgraduate Weeks. These two programmes are scheduled to run for the entire year, involving many invited and university leading researchers to present their findings and experiences. The Postgraduate Weeks is conjured every two weeks where PGC members are invited to share their individual studies in front of audiences from various backgrounds for critical and supportive assessment. It is thought that these programmes assist the students massively in planning their research and ultimately prepares them for their viva voce.

Individual members are also actively involved in research and scientific expeditions ranging from local areas to the whole of Malaysian coastal waters extending into East Malaysia. For examples the Malacca Strait Expedition 2015, smaller consultation projects with various private companies and entities, as well as carrying out collaborations with international research institutes.

Annually, INOS is tasked with managing the World Ocean Day, a day to celebrate ocean preservation. The annual ritual for the celebration is the beach cleanup, and sometimes various community programmes. It is the biggest activity for PGC as most of the structuring, planning, funding and executing the entire programme are carried out by PGC members.

Sometimes, there would be informal academic discussions among members of different disciplines being carried out during lunch hours or tea breaks, which keep the members on the edge of graduating early. This activity sometimes turn into moral support and establishes closer bonds between PGC members, which is clearly seen in very regular BBQs and visits to members’ houses.