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6 April 2015

The challenge of obtaining oceanographic dataset takes another leap as INOS deployed its first monitoring buoy off Terengganu coast yesterday. The buoy will provide continous physical oceanographic data and opens up new prospect of other ocean parameter sensors in the future.

“This buoy is a plotform that manages numbers of ocean equipments. The deployment is timely as it will certainly boost up ocean data in the area and opens up new opportunity on different aspect of ocean sciences, especially studies related to climate change. This has been long overdue, and we hope this will fill a huge gap of ocean data availability in the South China Sea.” quote Dr. Mohd Fadzil Akhir, the principal researcher of the projects.

The monitoring buoy is responsible in collecting data such as current, wave, water level and temperature. In near future, few other sensors will be added to provide other parameters. Sensors like pH and fluorecence will allow study of ocean acidification and marine productivity being conducted in a more comprehensive way.

 Continuation to this effort, INOS is also planning few similar type of buoy system to be deployed along the coast of Terengganu and Johor. This data collection is hoped to be an important addition to the growing Global Ocean Observing System in the region. It will  incorporates the best technology to provide the best science to help decision makers and the general public.

1st monitoring buoy

1st monitoring buoy-1