Director’s Notes


All praise is to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon Rasulullah.

Each year is an opportunity for us to perform our best to answer critical needs of our nations relating to the ocean and marine environment. 2023 will be another step for INOS as we pursue for a stronger network with various stakeholders. Our new multi-user lab will allow various faculties, industries and communities (citizen scientists) to co-design their scientific journey with a more impactful outcome. This will complement our new strategic approach, where we focus on merging research with innovation and technology across several vital aspects, from ocean prediction to marine conservation.

We are also excited about our new research program under the HICOE flagship, which will continue to bring us forward towards the frontier in Malaysia’s marine research. Coastal resilience, marine conservation, and ocean governance will be the robust framework covering mangroves to the coral reefs, ocean prediction, and societal impacts.

We want to announce our first start-up company, Ocean Hydro Sdn. Bhd. that would serve the industrial and national needs in ocean data solutions through our innovative in-house products of ocean forecast and prediction.

We look forward to the future, implementing our new strategic framework to boldly explore our “unknown” oceans for the benefit of the nation.