Di Sebalik Jubah Makmal - Perjalanan Dr. Joseph Bidai

Dr. Joseph Bidai, a passionate scientist, has quietly made his everlasting imprint on the delicate realm of oceanography. His journey begins in 1999, a watershed year in which Dr. Joseph Bidai’s pursuit of a degree in Marine Science degree sparked an insatiable obsession with the sea.

A tapestry of experiences unfolded throughout his undergraduate academic years, expertly stitched by the leadership of UMT’s (formerly known as UPMT) outstanding instructors. His compass was the study of marine science, mastery of fishing techniques, lessons in sea survival, and a profound exploration of the essence of the marine environment. Dr. Joseph Bidai’s fascination in the sea environment has evolved into an unbreakable enthusiasm.

Dr. Joseph Bidai was able to merge theory and practise on a canvas given by the institution, bridging the worlds of fieldwork and the laboratory. Curiosity drove him to go on a voyage of physical sampling and gear tweaking. Each step reinforced his connection to marine studies, culminating in the collection of vital data that transcends the confines of science.

When one considers the possible impact, the results of this exertion become more significant. Data acts as a lighthouse, illuminating the route for critical decision-making. Dr. Joseph Bidai’s passion extends beyond the laboratory walls, from Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for offshore oil and gas exploration to study marine pollution especially on marine sediment and core. Let us reveal the individual, Dr. Joseph Bidai, who has persistently accepted his position in the middle of this scientific symphony. Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) of UMT and Director of INOS, Professor Emeritus Dr. Noor Azhar Bin Shazili, emerges as a luminary. His loving guidance and compassionate demeanour have enhanced the lives of individuals who sought his counsel, especially during his pursuit of a master’s degree by the year 2011 and later his pursuit of a PhD by the year 2022. The echoes of his mentoring reverberate across time, with a single visit frequently delivering the solutions to two difficulties. His leadership goes beyond the scientific, capturing the human side of discovery.

Dr. Joseph Bidai, our unsung hero, perseveres via teamwork despite budgetary restraints and outdated equipment. Collaboration with outside scholars has opened a treasure mine of materials. Collaboration with IIUM resulted in equipment exchanges, establishing a spirit of information sharing. Collaboration with other agencies and universities such as the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, the Department of Minerals and Geology Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, East Carolina University, University of Pennsylvania, Tongji University, the University of Tokyo, and others has also provided new experiences and learning.

As we peel back the layers of this scientific journey, a narrative of resilience and collective progress emerges. Dr. Jospeh Bidai symbolises the spirit of scientific endeavour, with a heart sensitive to the sea’s whispers, a quest fueled by passion, directed by mentors, and reinforced by teamwork. This teamwork is carried out in conjunction with his partnership with several researchers such as Professor Emeritus Dr. Noor Azhar Bin Shazili, Professor Dr. Kamaruzzaman Yunus, Associate Professor Dr. Hasrizal Shaari, Associate Professor Dr. Ong Meng Chuan, Dr. Adiana Ghazali, Dr. Teh Sabariah Manan and Dr. Nor Hidayah.

Throughout his quest, he recalls the age-old idea that only those who dare to paddle together can survive the storms of research. Dr. Joseph Bidai carves a route to enlightenment with each stroke of his oar, connected by a desire to cross new waters. As the sun sets on his story, his dedication to scientific investigation shines brightly, leading both the curious and the brave.