buoy deployment

28 May 2014. Continous observation system has always been part of MyCON vision, and recently we have succesfully deployed our first submerge buoy this year. Altough such work has been part of the mission previously, this deployment has improved technically from the previous. The submerge buoy was design to have additional temperature sensor to measure better temperature profile.

The submerge buoy will collect current, wave and temperature data. AWAC (Acoustic wave and current) were use as the main equipment. 2 temperature sensors were place at 5m and 15m depth to allow better temporal resolution of temperature changes. This additional equipment will significantly improve our understanding on mixed layer, stratification and thermocline changes within the depth profile of the study region.

Anyhow, we would like to congratulate our hardworking scuba diver team, who never let us down everytime we need them. We know that they really enjoy the work.